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Novelty iPhone Speaker | Ceci Bean
It’s funny how these days people seem to be trying to take our modern technology and make it old fashioned in style. We have rotary phones with iPhone jacks, wooden computer keyboards, even typewriters that you connect to your iPad! Though i love all these things, they do end up being pricey (it’s expensive making the new old!) Though as Ceci points out you won’t be chucking out your Bose sound system with this gramaphone, it’s so sweet and fun and it looks great! Plus it’s not that expensive to make (though you do need a good drill). I know my Dad would love this - but he has the drill… hmm.

Colourful Forrest | Inspired By Charm
The Christmas decorations I like the most are the ones you can leave up after you’ve tidied everything else away - these little trees would be so cute to leave up on your mantel for as long as you want (mainly because of their multi-coloured style). Also, I really want those little houses, anyone know where you can get them?!